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When you choose to study your GCSEs through online distance learning with NEC, you’ll be joining thousands of students who have exceeded their expectations and gone on to get great grades by studying from home. You may be home schooling from the start, or perhaps looking to retake GCSEs through distance learning in order to improve on previous grades. Our GCSE English Language online course will inspire you to think creatively and differently about the complex and intricate language we use everyday. Through engaging topics, delivered through well-designed course materials, you’ll work towards a internationally-recognised GCSE qualification. Our English Language GCSE. Study Spanish IGCSE online with NEC to improve your listening, reading, speaking and writing through a host of topics including food, health and the media, family, friends and holidays – gaining practical, life-long skills along the way!. Our I GCSE.

Maths has a wide variety of practical and theoretical applications in areas as diverse as space travel, public health and predicting stock market prices. In addition, it’s an essential qualification for many future career paths. By studying GCSE. NEC Study GCSE Physics online course. Any time enrolment, flexible pace, guaranteed exam place, payment plans, personal support from expert tutors. Through sociology, you’ll gain skills of analysis, evaluation and independent thinking, plus experience of quantitative and qualitative research methods – all highly valued by employers and universities. Our Sociology GCSE course is ideal if you: Are keen to study sociology at a higher level. Our English Literature GCSE course is ideal if you: Enjoy reading and want to study some of the most famous works in literature. Are keen to study English at A level, or arts, humanities, languages, business or law subject in further.

NEC GCSE Maths Quiz. Whether you are already enrolled, thinking of enrolling, or just playing for fun. Test your knowledge with our GCSE maths quiz and see how well you do! Start quiz! A small company has ordered 6750 flyers to leaflet the local area. They have handed out 327 at the local shops. nec. These workbooks are aimed at teachers and tutors to support your classroom teaching or blended learning, but are equally valuable as an independent study aid to help with homework or revision. Each workbook includes exercises, activities and self-checks together with feedback. They can be used as a whole or pick indiv.

2020-02-22 · With NEC’s flexible online courses, you study at a time and pace to suit you. All our GCSE and A level courses are written by experienced teachers and examiners, and are accredited by the internationally recognised and respected awarding bodies: AQA, Pearson Edexcel, CAIE and OCR.

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